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Link to article:
Elizabeth Warren did not win the debate and now she’s got work to do

--------------------------WARNING RANT COMING------------------------
I'm getting sick real quick of these lazy journalists ganging up on Elizabeth Warren asking for some vague "details" about how Medicare-for-All is going to be paid for.  Isn't it obvious?  Savings, savings and more savings!  Don't take my word for it, maybe try reading the studies often already quoted, maybe actually look at the countries that have implemented single payer.  Or better yet, talk to real working doctors and working health care professionals here in the U.S.!  I know I did when I did grassroots work with Health Care for All Colorado.  I also talked to doctors and single-payer advocates on the front-lines of medicine who were replused by what they saw: a money-making machine that puts patient care second - a very distant 2nd.  I've been to the meetings in places like public libraries where people could bypass the bought-and-paid-for media and listen to people who have seen the ravages and damages our health care system has done to people's lives!  I know I've seen it as a kidney dialysis patient advocate, no wonder I found natural allies with those pushing for single-payer!  But no, it is easier to cozy up to the rich and powerful and keep your high-paying prestigious editor, journalist, or whatever job than to do actual reporting.  Maybe you can continue to interview all the politicians taking gobs of money from the health insurance companies - much easier work.  But be forewarned this is a movement that started with many of us "little" people that has only grown stronger over the years.  Enjoy your cushy job.

----------------------------END OF RANT--------------------------------------------------

(I want to apologize to the dear readers of this review for the above rant, but after reading enough of these recent anti-warren articles I felt in danger of a vein popping and just had to let it out.)

But getting back to the subject of this review, Mr. Ellis's article.  I thought about not saying anything about this article, better to accelerate it's demise into the bit bucket of history.  But then I thought it does make an excellent example of lazy journalism.  For starters, apparently Mr. Ellis couldn't be bothered to actually watch the debate, but I guess we are supposed to be impressed with his gizmos.  I'm sorry, call me old-fashioned, call me old-school but I like a reporter who has an attention span long enough to at least watch what he is reporting on.  I'm surprised an editor at CNBC would even allow this!  Looks like there are editors at CNBC who should get off their duffs and up their game!

As for what little meat there might be in this article Mr. Ellis does quote another journalist (lots of work there!).  Yes, he does quote another journalist - see . our review on that article.  As for his comment that Elizabeth Warren isn't a health care wonk, maybe he could find somebody "wonky" enough for him at PNHP, an organization that has been around since 1987 and who I'll probably be quoting quite often on this site.  Actually Mr. Ellis didn't say Warren wasn't a health care wonk, somebody else did - not a surprise.  However, he did give some credit to Warren for her campaign field operation, calling it "by far the best".  Seems to me someone who can run a campaign this well might also have a chance at running the country very well.

Yes, at first blush Senator Warren might have appeared "dodgy".  I later thought she might be trying to avoid a sound bite her opponents could hammer her with in say a TV ad about raising taxes - yes taxes go up - but not on individuals and families, and there would be no more health care premiums, co-pays, deduductibles, etc... yada-yada.  This thought about the sound bite was later confirmed by what I read in another article:

"The hubbub around her dodging—one of the defining features of last night’s debate—makes staffers on the Warren campaign roll their eyes. They think that reporters and Republicans and her rivals onstage are just looking for a sound bite about raising taxes, an “Aha!” to stick her with all the way through the primaries, and perhaps through Election Day. They clearly take pride in not playing the game the way political insiders and Twitter critics want them to. They can also take solace in the fact that, in the month since the previous debate, when the ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos pressed her on the tax question, her poll numbers have continued to go up."

To finish, after the qualms I was having with Mr. Ellis's article I had a hard time caring who he thought won the debate.

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