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My evil plot
« on: December 02, 2019, 03:31:38 AM »
Many of you maybe wondering why this crazy man (me) is out here on the internet posting all by himself on this internet forum - at least at the time of this writing.  Well I will unveil my evil plot, actually I've unveiled it already on the front page of this site.  (middle of the site)  Kidney dialysis patients are a small, vulnerable population who have been basically ignored by our government for a large portion of the End Stage Renal Disease program.  Oversight has been pretty much left to the dialysis companies themselves (the fox watching the hen house as a friend once said).  Complain and the complaint is boomeranged back to the dialysis units where patients are too often retaliated against.  So that is the gist of my ulterior motive. 

However, I'm not the only conspirator in all this there just might be one or two more**.  Conspirator number one I've known for ~20 years, we kind of conspire on-again-off-again - not sure where we are at now.  She often goes her way, and I go mine.  Co-Conspirator number 2 I'm not sure I can actually call a conspirator, think he is pretty much just eye-balling things - be interesting to see what he decides.

I will also say if Senator Warren does decide to put out a plan for this, to go slow and be thorough.  I've got reasons for not rushing..

As for being a lone poster, FINALLY, FINALLY, I am the center of the universe!  - at least on this little corner of the internet.  My wife has accused me of thinking I'm "the center of universe".  My reply has been if I'm not, I should be.  But maybe someday I'll share, we'll see.

**The host of the show I linked to above with the 'one or two' link, a lady by the name of Marti Oakley, sometimes makes statements I wonder about.  I tell myself she is still doing more good than harm.

12/14/2019 UPDATE The reason I wrote the above is because Reddit has concerns I might be a spammer, uh no.  But they have been letting me post after my posts have been cleared by a moderator.  Also I have this site's registration shutdown because I feel this site is still a 'work in progress'.
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