Campaign for Senator Warren's plan #62

Senator Warren likes to say she has a plan for that - and she does have a lot of issues covered very, very well!  (see below - or hit the next button)  However there is one area of medicine that hasn't been addressed: kidney dialysis (site I put up years ago).  It is an area of medicine that so many politicians have neglected I suppose since it is such a small population.  However it has been an area of medicine that has been on the forefront of bad medicine.  I will say President Trump has started to address what has been going on - see here and here.  Last I looked he was talking about more peritoneal dialysis.  Really?  What about things like slow nocturnal dialysis and nocturnal in-center hemodialysis President Trump?  What about talking to experts who want phlebotomist training for techs before they ever touch a patient President Trump?  What about talking to real experts on things like home dialysis, have you done that President Trump?  I don't think I'm going to get a response from our president anytime soon, as of this writing he is pretty occupied.  So I'll have to ask, Senator Warren do you have a plan for this?

11/25/2019 UPDATE: I understand President Trump is still pretty busy, however there is another Republican who might have a little more time to answer the above questions.

12/14/2019 UPDATE: Meet another kidney patient advocate and also a writer eye-balling this.