My name is Chris and I started this site after I noticed there wasn't a site out there with a public message board, discussion board, or soapbox forum (whatever you want to call it)1 where people could amplify their voices a bit about Elizabeth Warren.  I got the idea for doing this after reading articles about Senator Warren I had qualms about.  I could have written in the comments section of these articles and watched what I had to say get lost in the shuffle - might get lucky and a few people would see it.  So in an attempt to keep my blood pressure down I started this site - though I know running a website isn't always a picnic.

The plan is to list links to Elizabeth Warren pro media on the left of the front page of the site and con on the right.  In the middle will be Elizabeth Warren's plans with a link to a webpage at Elizabeth Warren's site and possibly a number to text for more information.  Another feature will be reviewing many of these articles or media.  On the front page when say a article has been reviewed the link for it will state REVIEWED: <name of article>.  The link then will take the reader to the site's soapbox forum with a link to the actual article.  In the post you will see will be thoughts about the article.  Further comment is allowed if the reader registers and joins the soapbox forum (members are approved by a moderator).  The soapbox forum also allows much more than just commenting about media!

I'm supporting Warren for president, but of course will allow those with a different opinion on the soapbox forum.  I've been known to change my mind, but can be pretty stubborn when I have an opinion.  But I will listen and be respectful.

As for my background, I've been a kidney patient advocate (older site I put up years ago) since 2000.  One big highlight has been helping to head-up a group that got a bill through the Colorado statehouse for the certification of kidney dialysis technicians in 2007, it's renewal in 2012 and 2019.  At the bottom of the webpage I just linked to you will see I called off the truce we had with the dialysis companies in Colorado Governor Polis's office during the bill signing  If you take a look at what I handed Governor Polis, you might understand why I can be a little hard to get along with.  I've seen how the for-profit motive can ravage a field of medicine, and I'm sure Elizabeth Warren gets it.  For-profits work best when there is choice involved.  People don't choose to get kidney disease and often don't have a choice of clinics - and unfortunately there are those who will take advantage of a vulnerable population.  Assembly-line medicine was setup to get patients in and out as fast as possible, staff was converted from nurses to techs who were under-trained and over-worked, but costs still skyrocketed - all great for the bottom line but hasn't been so great for patients.  If you want a quick intro I would suggest seeing the comedian John Oliver's video - it will make you laugh while tearing out your hair.

So now you know what first attracted me to Elizabeth Warren's campaign.  Health care of course was the first attraction, but it looks to me a lot of her plans have merit and I look forward to learning more about them.

1 update 12/26/2019: There is a site with the message board style I was looking for, a reddit forum for Elizabeth Warren.  Oh well, more the merrier!