Green Jobs

The climate crisis demands immediate and bold action. We should bank on American ingenuity and American workers to lead the global effort to face down this threat — and create more than a million good jobs here at home.  More info: Green Manufacturing Jobs Webpage


Elizabeth is committed to addressing climate change, because our planet depends on it.  More info: Climate Webpage or text CLIMATE 24477

Clean Energy

The science is clear. Climate change is caused by human beings and it is accelerating. We need big, structural change, across a range of industries and sectors to solve the climate crisis.  100% Clean Energy Webpage

Protecting Our Public Lands

America’s public lands are one of our greatest treasures. But right now, they’re being sold off to the oil, gas, and coal industries for pennies on the dollar . But it doesn’t have to be this way. Protect our public lands — to fight climate change and preserve wild, natural places for future generations.  Public Lands Webpage


America’s civil rights laws do not consistently protect against discrimination for sexual orientation or gender identity -- putting the LGBTQ+ community at risk. Equal means equal. More info: LGBTQ Rights Webpage