Ending the Opiod Crisis

In 2017, 70,000 people died from a drug overdose, the highest year on record -- and the majority of those deaths were due to opioids. We need a comprehensive plan to end the opioid crisis.  More Info: Opioid Crisis Webpage

End Washington Corruption

The Trump administration is the most corrupt administration of our lifetime. But the problem of Washington corruption is much bigger than Trump. We need big, structural change to root out Washington corruption and make government work for all of us.  More info: Washington Corruption Webpage or text CORRUPTION to 24477

A New Farm Economy

Our agriculture system is failing because Big Ag corporations at the top of the supply chain pay artificially low costs while farmers struggle. It’s time to break up big Ag and guarantee farmers a fair shake.  Farm Webpage

Investing in Rural America

Elizabeth’s plan will put health care services in reach of every family, create a public option for broadband so every home and business has access to high-speed internet at an affordable price, and build a sustainable farm economy that raises farm incomes and protects our environment. It’s time to restore opportunity in rural communities.  Rural America Webpage

Reduce Corporate Influence at the Pentagon

Coziness between defense lobbyists, Congress, and the Pentagon  tilts countless decisions away from national security interests and toward the desires of giant corporations. Let's shut the revolving door between giant contractors and the Pentagon and crack down on corruption.  More info: Corporate Influence Webpage