Improving Our Military Housing

A handful of private contractors have taken over 99% of domestic military family housing, but have failed to maintain the homes they were entrusted with. It’s long past time to improve our military housing, protect families from abuse, and hold private developers accountable.  More info: Military Housing Webpage

Real Corporate Profits Tax

You probably pay more in federal income taxes than America’s biggest, most profitable corporations. It’s not right — and we cannot afford to let it continue. Massive corporations shouldn’t be able to pay $0 in federal income taxes.  More info: Corporate Taxes Webpage

Excessive Lobbying Tax

Corporate interests spend more on lobbying than we spend to fund both houses of Congress – more than $2.8 billion in lobbying last year alone. It's time for a tax on excessive lobbying.  More info: Lobbying Tax Webpage

End Private Prisons

Private prison companies have spent millions to use our criminal and immigration policies to themselves rich instead of keeping us safe. It’s time to ban private prisons and detention centers, and stop profit-driven cruelty against incarcerated people.  More info: Private Prisons Webpage

Strengthening Our Democracy

Our right to vote is under attack—and we need to put more federal muscle in the fight to protect it. It’s time to address election security, administration problems, and voter suppression.  Voter Webpage

Foreign Policy

Washington’s foreign policy today serves the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of everyone else. It’s long past time to take an honest look at the full costs and risks of our military spending and overseas actions.  Foreign Policy Webpage